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Decision 2024

Meet the current Candidates running for Office in 2024

Federal Office

President of the United States

Joseph R Biden--Incumbent

Joseph Biden has served for the last three years as the 46th President of the United States.  He was the Vice President for two terms under President Obama.   Prior to serving as an executive, Mr. Biden was a Senator from Delaware.   For the last three years as President Mr. Biden has worked to preserve and protect our nations natural resources through rejoining the Paris Climate accords and halting the XL oil pipeline

Vice President of the United States

Harris 1.webp

Kamala Harris--Incumbent

Kamala Harris has served for the last three years as the nations 49th Vice President of the United States of America.   Prior to serving as Vice President Ms. Harris was a US Senator from California.   She is the United States first female Vice President.   

US Senate

Marc Carmichael

Marc is a lifelong Indiana resident and a Notre Dame graduate who was elected to the Indiana House when he easily defeated the sitting Republican House Speaker in a 60% Republican district.  Carmichael defended his seat twice before stepping down to become the Director of Governmental Affairs for the Indiana Gas Company. 

In 1999, Carmichael took over as President of the Indiana Beverage Alliance, a statewide trade association for Indiana’s family owned beer distributors, and retired from that position in 2020.  He is single with three children and five grandchildren.

“I’m running because I want to be a dignified and dedicated leader serving Indiana and all Hoosiers, in the mold of legislators like Richard Lugar and Lee Hamilton”
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Valerie McCray

Dr. Valerie McCray is a unique choice for a United States Senator for the State of Indiana.  She is entering the Senate race straight from the trenches.  As a psychologist that has spent most of her career working in the aftermath of trauma, she has the perspective necessary to insure mental health is considered in decisions made at the US Senate level.

Dr. McCray accepts every opportunity to serve our men and women of the military. She has evaluated thousands of our service men and women suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain injuries from their experiences in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Gulf War, and Vietnam. She works to streamline the disability eligibility process so that our soldiers can reassemble their lives as much as possible after  returning home.

Dr. McCray has a toughness of spirit that is most evident with her work with incarcerated men and women. She has worked in over a dozen high security prisons and jails in Indiana and Georgia. She has often said, “Prisons have become the mental health hospitals for the poor.”

Dr. McCray also works with victims of violence and families that have lost loved ones to violence. She treats children that have been displaced due to abuse and neglect, and girls that have been sex trafficked. She works tirelessly to help young people find a positive and healthy path regardless of their circumstances.

Dr. McCray embodies optimism and exudes a contagious excitement about the future of Indiana and our Nation.  She respects science and research and looks forward to embracing technology that promises to renew our sources of energy to clean and sustainable options that will strengthen our communities and safeguard our Nation. She strongly believes that embracing technology that brings clean manufacturing back to the United States,  we will not only improve the health of the planet but will improve our quality of life. She understands the critical need for ethics in technological advances such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), food sources, and robotics among others. “I support technology that will enhance us, not control or replace us.”  We have tough questions needing immediate ethical evaluation, “Just because we can, does not mean we should”. 

Dr. McCray attended Indianapolis Public Schools K-12th grade and knows the value of public education. She is the mother of one adult son, Ryan and daughter-in-law Barbara.  Dr. Val is the dog mom of Apollo the German Shepherd.

Dr. McCray earned her B.A., M.A., and PH.D. from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

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Keith Potts

Mr. Potts lives in Indianapolis and worked for Senator Donnelly in 2018.  In 201, he won a seat on the Indianapolis City Council.   Keith is running for the US Senate because our state, an our nation, are at a turning point.  

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Marshall Travis

Mr. Travis is a Political activist seeking the US Senate Seate in Indiana

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US House of Representatives--District 9

No Democrats have filed for Candidacy in the District 9 Race yet

State Office

Governor of the State of Indiana

Bob Kern

Bob Kern is an Indianapolis paralegal.   He previously ran for Indianapolis Mayor.   He has previously run for Governor of Indiana.   

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Jennifer McCormick

Jennifer McCormick is a lifelong educator and Indiana native committed to building a state where everyone has the opportunity to succeed. 

Growing up on a small family farm in New Castle, Indiana, Jennifer witnessed the opportunities and challenges facing Indiana. Her community was full of spirit and support, and the public school was the community’s front porch. Neighborhoods were filled with kids, and families had an opportunity to thrive. Yet, as good paying jobs left her community, she saw families, small businesses, schools, and local infrastructure suffer. 


It was during these times that Jennifer also witnessed the resilience of Hoosiers. Her dad, an engineer by trade, and her mom, a retail store manager, instilled in Jennifer the importance of public service, empowering others, and excellence in hard work. It became evident that true public service required an approach of bringing all voices to the table, respecting others, and ensuring no one was left behind. 

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State House of Representative District 62

Thomas Horrocks

Thomas Horrocks is a pastor, veteran, and chaplain in the Army National Guard. He lives in Monroe County with his wife and children. He's running because he thinks Hoosiers deserve better than they've been getting and he'll fight to make the government work for all of us.

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State Senate District 44

No Democrats have filed for Candidacy in the District 44 Race yet

Local Offices

County Commissioner District 2

No Democrats have filed for Candidacy in the District 2 Race yet

County Commissioner District 3

No Democrats have filed for Candidacy in the District 3 Race yet

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