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Brown County Democrats Party Platform

Your Brown County Democrat Party is committed to earning your support by providing a vision for a better Brown County.     See what we stand for and how we plan on Respecting the Past and Building The Future.  

Please Check Back Soon

We are currently in the process of reviewing and updating our Party Platform to reflect solutions to our most important and current Community Issues.  

We will post the updated Party Platform at the end of our review.   If you would like to help or add your input, please reach out by email to

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Stable, Diverse Population Demographic

Priorities over the last 30 years have led to an unhealthy population demographic in our community--stagnating our economic growth and leading to reduced school populations, strain on youth organizations, and strain on our workforce.


The Brown County Democrats believe that a sustainable Brown County is one that contains young families that will fill our school system and is able to attract young professionals with intellectual capital who can stimulate the entrepreneurial opportunities of the 21st Century.


A Brown County that is prepared to confront the challenges of the next generation requires tangible solutions to these critical problems and looks forward to working towards solving the most critical threat to the sustainability of our community.

Brown County Democrat candidates will lead the way in making our community sustainable and prepared for the challenges of the next generation.


Affordable Housing

Brown County will not attract young families and professionals if they can not afford to live in our community.   Home prices in Brown County are three times the cost of surrounding communities.  Over half of the homes in Brown County were built Pre-1980.   Brown County must prioritize the creation of attainably priced homes that will attract younger families and spur economic innovation. 

The Brown County Democratic Party has tangible and actionable solutions to incentivize young homebuyers and create attainably priced homes.   



Strategic Job Growth

Brown County has unique geographic and cultural characteristics that are limiting factors to our economic growth.   In the past, Brown County has relied solely on its status as a tourist destination for its economic output.   While nothing will change that in the future, strategic economic diversification will insulate the community from downturns and attract new residents and revenue streams.   

Brown County Democrats will embrace economic diversification by attracting entrepreneurs who can run businesses in online environments.  Brown County will not ever be ideal for traditional manufacturing, but it is ideal for professional services and small businesses that can do the bulk of their work online while living in the natural beauty of Brown County.    

The Brown County Democrat Party will make incentivizing young professionals with the intellectual capital and 21st-century skills to do their jobs in Brown County a priority.   It is critical that our government take a forward-thinking approach to what a new generation of residents will do economically to make a better Brown County.  


Supporting Local Schools

Changes to school funding and declining enrollment have decimated Brown County School Corporation.   A tax levy to supplement funding is expiring and voters in 2023, voted in a referendum to not renew yet.   

To keep our schools funded, retain the best teachers, and provide the high-level education that our children deserve, Brown County Democrats will take several actions:

1.  Support school efforts to increase student enrollment

2.  Assist the school corporation to implement plans to attract new families to the community



Protect the Natural Environment of Brown County

Located on the edge of the Hoosier National Forest, Brown County is an emerald-green haven of forests and hills.   The natural environment of Brown County is an economic stimulator, it is a draw for guests and tourists, and most importantly, it is home to a community of people.  

The Brown County Democrats will enact policies and procedures in planning that stimulate economic growth while respecting the existing natural environment.   Brown County Democrats believe that only through strategic and deliberate growth, can our community grow in a way that does not profoundly increase the developmental footprint of the county.  

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