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Fundraising and Major Gifts

The Brown County Democrat Party conducts several fundraising activities to support its efforts to build a better Brown County.   It is through the efforts and participation of community members like you that make the good work of the Democrat party possible.   

Donate NOW!

Party Fundraisers

Benefits of Making Donations

Brown County is facing a time of economic and demographic change.   


Who we elect to handle the pressing problems the community faces of declining school enrollment, unaffordable housing, and an aging society will determine how problems are solved or if issues are even recognized  


When you make a donation to the Brown County Democrat Party, you are helping to advocate for policies and programs that make Brown County more sustainable.   You are also helping to elect local officials who often are everyday citizens who do not have the large money backing the same way that national politicians have.  

Our Team.

Our Committee is still being built.    Check back soon to see who is working to build our organizations financial stability.  

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