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About Us

Party Leadership:

Chair: Justin Schwenk

Vice Chair: Evan Knox

Secretary: Dazey Whitaker

Treasurer: Steve Gore

Precinct Chairs:

Hamblin 1: MK Watkins

Hamblin 2: (Heather Mollo

Hamblin 3: Tiffany Arndt

Jackson 1: Lora Lewis Rudd

Jackson 2: Linda Welty

Jackson 3: Rick Bond

Jackson 4: Amy Oliver

van Buren 1: Justin Schwenk

Washington 1: Herb Brown

Washington 2: Linda Lawson

Washington 3: Diana Wright

County Boards:

Town Election Board: Evan Knox

County Election Board: Rick Kelley

Election Tech: Doug Cauble

Interested in Getting Involved?


We can not make a better Brown County without YOU


Please reach out if you would like to get involved.   We will find a role that matches your expertise and level of time committment.   


Precint Map_edited.png
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