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Community Outreach

     A community is made up of people first and foremost.  Those who wish to govern must never forget that they were elected to solve the problems and issues of their constituents.   

     There are several important elements to bringing about positive change for Brown County.  The most important is good public policy.  At the center of the Democrat Party is a focus on solving the problems facing the people of Brown County.   

     The Community Outreach Committee focuses on innovating and implementing policies; programs; and grassroots efforts to solve local issues--especially when no one else is.  If you have a problem, the Democrat Party wants to help you solve it.  

     We hope to earn your vote by demonstrating that we have the solutions to Brown County's most pressing problems.

     We welcome your ideas and concerns. The Community Outreach Committee will work to create a solution.   If you would like to help us innovate solutions to local problems, reach out and a committee member will give you more infomation 

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Meet the Community Outreach Committee

The Community Outreach Committee is here to serve the people of Brown County.   If you have a community problem that needs solving, a good solution to a problem, or if you have immediate needs, we want to help.  Reach out to one of us and let's talk.

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